FITIV Community Standards

The FITIV Community is a place to connect with athletes worldwide.

We aim to create a safe, friendly and motivating environment for our users. Our users have every right to feel safe and supported as they use the FITIV Community.
As such, we expect our users to adhere to our Community Standards.

By using the FTIV Community you agree to not engage in any activity in the Community that:
- is threatening, bullying, lewd, obscene or sexually suggestive.
- violates any other person’s right to privacy including contacting FITIV Community users outside of the FITIV Community.
- constitutes spam; including the posting of irrelevant content, links to external websites, or repetitive posting.
- is an advertisement or promotion for an external product or service.
- requests the personal information of any other user.
- is disrespectful toward any other person inside or outside of the FITIV Community; including slurs, hate speech and attacks on either individuals or groups.
- Promotes or encourages activities that do not support a safe environment for all usersViolates any local, state, provincial, federal or international laws.

How you can help:

Lead by example – post encouraging, helpful, supportive content. Create the motivational environment within the Community that you would like to see.
Report violations – use the in-app reporting tool to let us know about any violations of these Standards within the FITIV Community.
Communicate in-app – do not seek out Community members on any other social media platforms without express consent from said user.
Respect one another – only encourage safe practices within the app and avoid encouraging self-destructive behaviours including overtraining.
Respect differences – keep the Community encouraging for athletes of all ages, abilities and lifestyles. Do not insult or demean the accomplishments or fitness routines of other users.


FITIV reserves the right to take action any time the previously outlined Community Standards are violated. Consequences vary according to the type of infringement and the user’s history of previous Community Standards violations. FITIV reserves the right to delete offending content, remove users from Community groups, ban users from the Community section of the FITIV app, or report users to authorities if necessary. We ask that our users adhere to these Standards to keep the FITIV Community as fun, friendly, and safe as possible.

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