Monica MacDonald
Customer Relations

5 FITIV Features You Might Not Know About

June 19, 2020
Monica MacDonald
Customer Relations
5 FITIV Features You Might Not Know About

FITIV Pulse is an all-in-one health and fitness app designed to give you all of the tools you need to track your workouts and review your progress. Because there are so many features included in the app it's easy to miss a few.

Here is a spotlight of a few cool FITIV features that you might not know about. Check out FITIV Pulse and try these features out today!

Heart Rate Alarms / Feedback

Want to train with your heart rate in a specific zone? You're in luck, because FITIV has features to make that process simple! Whether you're trying to speed up, slow down, or maintain a steady state there's an option for you. With haptic feedback, notifications, and alarms you can get all of the information you need to suit your goals.

One helpful feature for Apple Watch users is a heart rate zone change notification. This gives you haptic feedback (a buzz on your wrist) whenever you change from one heart rate zone for another. This lets you know a lot about your progress, and can be particularly helpful for stead-state cardio. Sometimes the only feedback that you want in your workouts is to know whether you're working out hard enough. Haptic feedback as you cycle up through your heart rate zones can keep you on track and pushing yourself harder.

Need to keep below a specified heart rate? Some people may have a reason to try to keep their heart rate below a specified figure for different reasons. Whether you have a medical reason to keep your heart rate low, or are training for an endurance event, it's easy to set up a high heart rate alarm with FITIV Pulse.

How to set up a high or low heart rate alarm:

  • Open FITIV Pulse on your iPhone
  • Use the switches to ENABLE either high heart rate, low heart rate, or both
  • Use the sliders to choose your heart rate limits
  • Toggle between VOICE and NOTIFICATION

How to set up HR Zone Alarm:

  • Open the FITIV Pulse app on your Apple Watch
  • Start a workout
  • Swipe to the SETTINGS screen on the LEFT
  • Enable the HR ZONE ALARM setting

Heart Rate and Pace GPS Route Overlay

If you’re a runner or a cyclist you know how valuable a GPS route map can be. Whether you’re trying to improve your speed, burn some calories, or pace yourself a GPS route map can give you great data to use to compare your workouts and keep you on track. FITIV Pulse gives you the option to add GPS tracking to ANY workout type. This makes it easy to keep track of your different workouts, compare, contrast, and customize your experience.

Did you know that you can see your running, walking or cycling route colour coded to show you your heart rate or pace at points during your workout? These colours represent your heart rate zones or pace (higher or lower than your average) so that you can analyze the fine details of your workout.

How to see your heart rate or pace GPS overlay:

  • Open FITIV Pulse on your iPhone
  • Tap WORKOUTS and select a GPS tracked workout from your workouts list
  • Scroll down to the GPS map of your workout and tap on the map to open more options
  • Tap on NORMAL, HR, or PACE to change the overlay on your map
  • You can also change the type of map by tapping the GLOBE icon or tap on the 1 icon to add mile/km markers to your route

Workout Calendar

Do you want to get an at-a-glance overview of your workouts? FITIV Pulse has a calendar feature that gives you this option!

Tapping the calendar icon at the top right-hand corner of the Dashboard will bring you to the workout calendar view. The calendar view can give you some great information. Each date on the calendar where you’ve done a workout will be filled in with an icon. The colour of the circle surrounding the icon represents the highest heart rate achieved during the workout. You can use this to keep track of how intense your workouts are over the course of the month. Seeing a lot of red and nothing else? It might be time to turn down the intensity. Seeing lots of blank spaces in your monthly workout summary? Take the time to figure out why you’re missing out on opportunities to work on your fitness.

The icons displayed in the circles on the workout calendar represent the type of workout you did that day. It’s easy to keep track of how often you’re doing different activities using the workout calendar.

Voice Notifications

Did you know that you can use FITIV Pulse to give you customized audio notifications? You can keep track of your heart rate, pace, or any other FITIV workout metrics without looking at your iPhone or Apple Watch.

We have a whole article about everything you can do with voice notifications because we know that this is a hugely useful feature! Voice notifications are the best way to keep track of your metrics while keeping your eyes on the road. This keeps you both safe and informed, which is great when you’re out on the road running or cycling.

Health Summaries

Last but not least, did you know about all of the ways you can use FITIV Pulse to get cumulative information about your health and fitness data. No matter what health and fitness metrics you choose to track there is a FITIV Pulse feature to help you review and analyze this data. Check cumulative data for important metrics like your resting heart rate or blood pressure.

You can check either pre-determined or custom timeframes. We already give you the most useful option for your cumulative data at your fingertips.

To see these options tap on the toolbar at the very top of the FITIV Dashboard. Tapping on one of the options at the top of the dashboard (i.e. WEEKLY, MONTHLY, YEARLY) will show you cumulative totals for each of the Dashboard metrics you have selected for your custom FITIV Pulse Dashboard.