Monica MacDonald
Customer Relations

FITIV Badges & Achievements

September 16, 2020
Monica MacDonald
Customer Relations
FITIV Badges & Achievements

Setting goals is one of the best ways to get started in taking charge of your health. However, it isn't always easy to know what types of goals to set, or even how to measure your progress. Fortunately FITIV Pulse gives you functionality to make this process simple. With FITIV Badges and Achievements you can work toward improving your health and celebrate your personal milestones with zero pre-planning. Take the guesswork out of meeting your goals with FITIV Badges and Achievements.

What are Badges and Achievements?

Accomplishing goals earns you FITIV Badges and Achievements. You can collect FITIV Badges by working out, participating in the FITIV Community, and achieving your own health and fitness goals.

FITIV will be releasing new badges regularly, as well as recurring FITIV Achievements every month. Be sure to check your app for more Badges to make sure that you are not missing any amazing opportunities!

How do I earn FITIV Badges?

Not all FITIV Badges are alike. Different Badges require different activities. FITIV Pulse currently has two monthly achievements to earn. For the first Badge make sure that you're earning at least 5000 FITIV Points per month. Second, make sure that you are performing at least 12 workouts per month. At 3 workouts per week both of these should be achievable for most users.

New badges will be released regularly to celebrate holidays, events, and milestones. Some examples of activities that might lead to earning badges include: recording long workouts, longer distances, or hitting anniversaries or pre-specified fitness goals.

Check your FITIV Profile to see the badges and achievements that are available.

Where do I find my FITIV Badges?

Your FITIV Badges - both the ones you have already earned and the ones that are available - live in your FITIV Profile. To find your badges simply open FITIV Pulse on your iPhone and tap the profile icon in the top right-hand corner. This will show you elements of your profile. Here you can choose to SEE ALL Badges. Use your FITIV Profile to keep track of the badges you've already earned as well as the ones left to achieve.

What is FITIV Career Mode?

FITIV Career Mode is a feature designed to keep you motivated and competing against yourself to reach higher ranks. Your monthly FITIV Points earned are tallied to place you in a category based on your performance. Your FITIV Career level has a corresponding badge, and it is displayed on your Community profile. FITIV Career Levels are designed to give each user a simple goal to work toward. Once you earn a higher rank you can keep your Career level for the next month, and when you level up to the next bracket you can keep your new level immediately.

Good luck and go earn those Badges!