Monica MacDonald
Customer Relations

FITIV Fitness Challenges

March 2, 2022
Monica MacDonald
Customer Relations
FITIV Fitness Challenges

Are you unnecessarily competitive? Just a bit nosy? Looking to destroy your friendships? Are you up for the challenge?

Or, on the other hand, are you looking for a way to encourage yourself to work out more? Want to get connected to a fitness community? Ready to push yourself to get fitter, faster, and have more fun?

Introducing the new custom FITIV Challenges!

We know that working out with friends is the best way to keep momentum toward your goals. Having goals, a supportive community, and some friendly competition is a great way to keep up with your fitness. While it can be fun to join a real-life fitness competition in your gym, office or community that isn't always possible. Instead, FITIV Pulse gives you all of the tools you need to join or create custom fitness challenges.

Why Challenges?

Challenges are the newest feature for FITIV Pulse for a reason. As the FITIV Community continues to grow and expand, FITIV athletes have been asking for ways to better keep up with one another and to set more specific health and fitness goals.

FITIV Challenges are the solution to this problem.

FITIV Challenges are adaptable and customizable, making them a great choice whether you're keeping tabs on your workout buddies or just trying to encourage your coworkers to get a bit more active. You set the rules, choosing whether to start a team challenge or a free-for-all, choosing the timeframe, and even specifying which workouts are included.

How do I use the Challenges?

FITIV Challenges are flexible, letting you call the shots. Edit the name of your challenge, but also other things like the length of the challenge, the people you let in, and what counts toward your goals.

Do you want to only count your running workouts? There's an option for that! Looking to have a recurring weekly competition? FITIV can create an ongoing challenge! You can make your challenge either public or private, change the name of your challenge, and write a description to let new users discover you and your community.

Looking to just join a challenge? Go into FITIV Pulse and tap COMMUNITY>CHALLENGES and search for a challenge to join! Public challenges are an easy way to meet new people, motivate yourself, and level up your workout routine.

Want more details about creating or joining challenges? Read more!