Monica MacDonald
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Intervals Guide

May 3, 2021
Monica MacDonald
Customer Relations
Intervals Guide

What is the Workout Builder?

The FITIV Workout Builder is designed to work with the changing landscape of fitness. Let’s face it, the way we work out has changed. Whether you’re at the gym or safe at home you may feel like your options are more limited than they used to be. Fortunately, FITIV has a fix for you! With the FITIV Workout Builder you can plan workouts with custom intervals and targets, or download new workouts to try at home. Share your workouts with your friends to help them stick with fitness.

If you're missing your Bootcamp classes, looking to try Tabata, or want to get into resistance training you need to use the FITIV Workout Builder. With live guidance and audio feedback you can get that personal trainer experience. It's simple to create your own workouts or transfer workouts into FITIV. It's simple to share your creations with your fitness friends. The Workout Builder makes it easier than ever yo try new things, get in the zone, and make progress.

What can i do with the Workout Builder?

What can you do with the Workout Builder? The options are pretty endless! Are you looking to take up running? Create a run/walk plan to slowly build yourself up to your first 5k! Want to maximize your fitness gains? Leverage the power of HIIT workouts by downloading or creating a customized interval workout plan with live coaching options.

Fitness apps like to keep you in a box. Runners only run, cyclists only bike, rowers only row ... etc. Chances are that other fitness apps don't have everything you need. Want to try something new? How about a fitness video? You're probably not going to find those workout types in your app. Fortunately, FITIV has you covered! With the Workout Builder you can create any custom workout you may want to do.

Try targeting your intervals differently to mix up your workout routine. Sure, you can create a standard time based interval workout, but there is also so much more that you can do!

What are the interval options and how do I use them?

Time - Classic time-based intervals are perfect for 7-minute workouts, Tabata, HIIT and so much more.

Zone - Aim for a specific heart rate zone. Looking to get your heart rate up to red to warm up? Want to cool down to warmup before moving on? This is the perfect target for you.

Calories - By choosing a calorie target you can make sure you're hitting your calorie deficit goals in every single workout. Choose a target and we will let you know when you're done.

Distance - Distance goals are perfect for running or cycling workouts. Create a single goal for your entire workout, or break it up into segments like Couch to 5k.

Heart Rate - Heart rate targets let you make HIIT workouts that are suited perfectly to you. Create high and low heart rate targets to keep your heart working hard and getting strong.

Manual - Manual intervals are great for running laps, doing bodyweight moves, or anything else where you would like reminders of your next move but plenty of time to complete your interval.

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