Monica MacDonald
Customer Relations

Introducing FITIV Career Mode

December 12, 2020
Monica MacDonald
Customer Relations
Introducing FITIV Career Mode

What is the FITIV Career Mode?

The new FITIV Career mode gives you a great way to keep track of your activity level and how you stack up against other FITIV athletes! The FITIV Career Mode depends on your FITIV Points earnings. Reach new FITIV Point levels and find yourself rising through the ranks.

Each month you will start with a blank slate, so make sure that you keep up your activity level in order to maintain your ranking for the next month.

The badge that users see on your profile corresponds to the Career Mode level you achieved last month, so make sure you get those workouts in before the month is over.

Want to learn more about FITIV Points? Click here!

Career Mode levels

Beginner - Start collecting FITIV Points by working out to reach a higher rank!

Rookie - Welcome to the beginning of your fitness journey! Hit 1000 FITIV Points to reach the next level.

Amateur - 1000 Points - You're in the top 75% of FITIV athletes! Hit that 4000 Points per month mark to make it Pro!

Pro - 4000 Points - Welcome to the top 50% of FITIV athletes! You're hitting the recommended monthly physical activity.

Elite - 8000 Points - You're in the top 25% of FITIV Points! Congratulations on doubling our minimum activity recommendations!

All Star - 12000 Points - Top 10% of all FITIV Athletes! Triple the minimum activity guidelines, you're working hard and it shows.

Hall of Famer - 16000 Points - By reaching the top 5% of FITIV athletes you have officially earned your place in the FITIV hall of fame!

How do I reach a new level?

By working out with FITIV Pulse you earn FITIV Points. Keep earning FITIV Points to hit the next tier in your Career Mode journey. When you earn FITIV Points they are automatically counted toward your monthly totals that determine your ranking!

How do I participate in the FITIV Career Mode?

Participation in the FITIV Career Mode is a simple as getting moving! Because the Pro level corresponds to 4,000 FITIV Points, this is the basic recommendation that we have for the activity level of a typical user. 4,000 FITIV Points corresponds to approximately 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of intense activity per week.