Monica MacDonald
Customer Relations

Workout Customization with FITIV Pulse

April 17, 2019
Monica MacDonald
Customer Relations
Workout Customization with FITIV Pulse

No two athletes are alike, why should your workouts be?

If you’re serious about your fitness you understand the value of changing things up. Trying new things. Variety is the best way to improve your fitness and motivate yourself to keep trucking through your fitness journey. Everyone can benefit from cross-training. Whether you’re looking to stretch out those quads on your running rest day or add some cardio into your strength training routine, changing things up keeps you moving toward your goals.

Most fitness apps try to keep you in a box. In the eyes of the fitness app industry runners only run, cyclists only bike, rowers only row … etc. Even apps with piles of workout types probably don’t have everything you need. Want to try a trendy new workout? Trying a fitness DVD? You’re unlikely to find those workout types in the default list your app provides.

That’s where FITIV comes in.

FITIV Pulse is an app dedicated to customization above all else. We understand that you’re different. Unique. We don’t want to shoehorn you into anyone else’s idea of what an athlete should be.

With over 90 different workout types to choose from, FITIV has you covered. FITIV tracks everything from Archery to Zumba, letting you track anything and everything you do in your active lifestyle.

You can even customize this list!

To customize your workout list:

  1. Tap on MY WORKOUTS to open the Workouts List
  2. Tap EDIT at the top right-hand corner of the list
  3. Rearrange the workouts or delete them as you see fit
  4. Tap SAVE to save your changes

That will allow you to select which of the workout types automatically appear in your list. No need to clutter your app with unwanted workout types, FITIV Pulse lets you only see the workouts you use. Customization is key to adapting your apps to suit your needs.

FITIV pulse also has a dynamic list of your last three workouts displayed whenever you start your workout. Whether you’re on a running kick or are alternating between a few favorites your dynamic list will always be up to date with the workout types you love.

But what if those workouts aren’t enough?

Even with the 90+ default workout types FITIV provides you might find that your preferred workouts aren’t listed. Or maybe you just want to customize your workouts according to your own terms. “Long Sunday Run” or “Rainy Day Cycling” can be helpful labels to give you the info you need to analyze your progress later. That’s why FITIV lets you customize your workouts even more, letting you rename, rearrange, and create entirely new workout types.

You can create all new FITIV workouts with whatever label you’d like, editing every detail from the icon to intervals to GPS tracking. Want a GPS-tracked interval workout? FITIV can do that. Want to swap out your workout icon? It’s easy with FITIV Pulse. Every detail is customizable to give you a workout tracking experience that feels specifically designed for your lifestyle.

From the CUSTOMIZE menu listed in the steps above it's simple to either tap an existing workout to change any element of the workout, or tap the (+) icon to add a new workout! Want to add GPS tracking to any workout? Just tap to enable GPS in this menu. It's just as easy to change an icon, switch activity types, or add intervals to any workout.

Ready to experience a workout app that feels like it's deigned just for you? Download FITIV Pulse today and start your FREE, no commitment 14-day trial!